*HTML 5 Build is available but if you can't play it you can find zip file below.
**To move in menu press "enter" or "esc"


Moving was hard for me, I had to say goodbye to my friends and the teacher. I even cried... a little. And you know what makes moving even harder to accept ?

Well, it's that Mum and Dad don't even ask why; a creaky old manor house, in a dark forest, next to a cemetery... in Normandy, doesn't cost more than a packet of marbles !

That's because it's like super haunted ! Afterwards, if the ghosts think they can bother me, they're totally wrong, I'm a big girl and I'm not afraid, but they'll be scared to death ! 

My name is Betty, I'm 8 and a half years old and I'm the real little monster here !


Keyboard controls

*To move in menu u can press enter or escape.


*To move in menu u can use left joystick, X or O, A or B.

Ready to scratch some ectoplasmic butts ?!

Team Members 

Robin Moreux in Fourth year - Producer

Christophe Amorim Rodrigues in Fifth year - Game Designer

Tobias Orange in Fourth year - Game Designer

Siméon Arthaud in Second year - Game Designer

Nicolas Rogé in Fifth year - Lead Developper

Téo Martin in Fourth year - Developper

Julien Da Silva Soares in Third year - Developper

Antoine Esbelin in Second year - Developper

Florian Bécavin in Third year - Lead Artist

Dark Betty was realised in 72 hours for the 2021 IIM Godfather - Godmother Jam.

With the theme of the quote : "Ce n'est pas moi qui suis enfermé avec vous, mais vous qui êtes enfermés avec moi !"

 Our thanks to the intervenants for their kindness.


DarkBetty.zip 34 MB

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